3 shops you shouldn’t miss in Berlin

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Here I want to show you 3 curious shops I found out walking around Berlin.

Original italian version of my article here, on the online magazine Nuok.


Die Wunderkammer

What: In the “wonder room” you can find any kind of arty objects and extravagances from all over the world.

Where: Mehringdamm 53, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Why: both if you feel like a vintage&antiques victim or if you simply want to find some kitschy stuff to bring back from your Berlin trip, the “little Renaissance museum” (as the owner called it) is definitely the place for you.

ruth tut gut

Ruth tut gut

What: a fashion boutique and jewellery for ‘Pink Ladies’ based in Friedrichshain, runned by local stylist-designer Ruth. Everything here is homemade and the motto clearly sounds like ‘things made to make you happy’. Dedicated to the very berliner girls.

Where: Revalerstrasse 13, Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Why: well, if you’re taking a walk around the Revalerstrasse, this place will for sure catch your eye. No entry doors, no bells to ring, you will just read a ‘step through the window‘ sign: yeah, there is just a window as entrance.


Sternzeit design

What: this is a local home-design store, but you can find also small gadgets and a lot of fresh ideas.

Where: Sredzkistrasse 19 A, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

Why: you must not get into a design place just to spend a lot of money. Well, you can. But you can also simply have a look around while listening to some good music: that’s priceless. Here nobody will bother you asking : ‘can I make something for you??’ (that most of the times means “buy something or get out of here”), unless you want it.

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Photo Credit: Christian Kroger

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