A coffee with locals


Cyprus is sunny and beautiful seaside, surrounded by cats, music and traditional dances, smiles and amusement like no tomorrow, sunset, memories that I will keep in my mind.

In the pictures there are the three Cypriots that amused me the most. In a Kafenio with no name, in Dromolaxia, Larnaka. One morning me and Marco entered in, suspicious. Eλλα. Ordering καφές κιπριακός, sketo.

The local coffee is served in tiny cups which are half-full of grounds, and you have to calibrate the degree of sweetness when someone prepare it for you, asking for glyco – sweet, metrio – medium, sketo– without sugar.




We are approached by a man full dressed in a black robe and bearded, he offered the two cups with two coins on the iron platter. We are interested at the jukebox in the all, perfectly preserved and shining, we ask for Zebekiko. They offered us traditional Cypriot music, cucumber, feta, Retzina, and talks.

We would never forget their kindness, their lives.

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