David Letterman Gifted Conan O’Brien A Horse

Conan O’Brien finally got the horse he never wanted.

The “Conan” host sat down for Global‘s “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert and shared a thoroughly amusing David Letterman story from 2015.

O’Brien, 54, described how Letterman thanked him for a letter the former wrote in celebration of the latter’s late-night retirement. “As he was departing this stage I wanted to write an appreciation piece,” O’Brien explained.

“Then word came back that Dave appreciated what I had written and that he’d be sending me something,” he added. “And I was excited.”

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The comedian continued, “I thought this is gonna be an amazing bottle of wine, chocolates, Hummel figurines that are hard to find — this is gonna be something really extraordinary.”

“So it’s the next day and it’s an hour before the show and I hear there’s a truck that’s trying to get onto the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles and it’s having a hard time getting on the lot,” O’Brien painted the scene.

“I said, ‘What do you mean?’ [And] they said, ‘Well, it’s too wide. The truck is so big that it can’t get on the lot and it’s carrying the gift from Dave.”

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O’Brien’s mind started racing: “My mind starts to go nuts,” he said. “I’m thinking he’s giving me a vintage Porsche —my mind went there.”

The talk show host was more confused than anything when his present was a horse. After all, O’Brien had no idea how to ride a horse and Letterman’s gift is a very expensive thing to own and care for.

“You know what, Dave gave me a horse  — I’m gonna ride that horse,” O’Brien thought to himself.

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“Dave is a genius, but he’s an evil genius — he knew exactly what he was doing,” O’Brien concluded.

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