#Day2 Evaluation Process


February. We were waiting for the KOKEN Evaluation Process.

It means that to be accepted as YouthClubs, Panikos and friends has to wait a formal response from the Association.

How does it work?

  • The ΚΟΚΕΝ Secretariat submits the evaluation report to the Executive Secretariat in ΚΟΚΕΝ
  • The Executive Secretariat of the KOKEN Board assesses and submits the application to the KOKEN Board
  • The KOKEN Board of Direction decides within 2 months and informs the secretariat of its decision
  • ΚΟΚΕΝ Secretariat shall inform the Youth Club

We were very lucky because it took only one month for this important decision


Positive Outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Formally accepted!!!!!!!!!



Share with Us the enthusiasm and Stay Tuned for the Next Step :D





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