New Youth Club, New Youth.

In December , on a sunny Sunday morning, the unimaginable happened. I found the way to let a friend of mine create his Youth Club and join KOKEN Association *squeal*.

Panikos Konstantinou is a 27 yo Cypriot civil engineer; in his free time he has a quite peculiar hobby: helping people in the Limassol area, in the countryside. That Sunday with Key Organization he arranged an event “NATURE CLEAN UP” to clean the land near the river Kouris Dam from the rubbish.

We collected 36 bins of rubbish from barbecues and 4 televisions!

Yes it’s true. Twelve volunteers collected 36 bags of garbage (mostly plastic bottles and metal tins), four old televisions, seven plastic chairs, sunbeds and other stuff that someone threw away in nature. Panikos arranged of transportation and Garpozis Developments gave t-shirts as donation to this event. 

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