Dear New Volunteers

In these last 2 weeks I continue to think at the new incoming European volunteers, which are their faces, their nationality, their expectations. If you do not have one, be ready ’cause every single training will press you to write one and discuss it :)

Dear New Volunteers,

Let me thing about what are you going to inherit.

Being a volunteer at 27 years old has been for me the biggest challenge, with pros and cons. This should be the age for a master graduated person to build-up his\her carreer, to start-up with the good manner, to hang out with white collars. Volunteering seems to be a freak choice, a waste of time, a hippie behavior. If in Italy EVS program is not recognized as a surplus for your education or job experience, what is for? I wondered. Then with the unbridled passion for social causes I landed in Limassol, Cyprus.

Around me Cypriot girls of my age, officers. But the director, despite his age, is the youngest mind. We played some game while introducing ourselves the first day: bizarre idea, an efficient one for ice-breaking. Anyone was extremely welcoming. I realized after few days that this is the Cypriot-way-of-life. They are the master of hospitality, their smiles, a detail I will never forget.

I will suggest you to find your way, to be strong. To have a positive attitude and to receive all the new incomes, all the opportunities.  You will be responsible for your own and from your learning. You will have a great tutor, with sarcasm and fantasy.

You will get inspired by other EVS stories, their power, their initiatives, their spirits.

Create your own experience, your work for a better society built since the beginning of your journey. For now on, feel the excitement, and never forgive it!

Good luck, Mariangela Santucci

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