Find your Songlines, find your power SENEGAL


Find you songline, find your power Senegal

Find you songline, find your power: Senegal

“If i could only see that the secret of your wealth, power and beauty, comes from spirit. If only i would have asked to join you sacred fires and songs, history would have been different.

And yet it went as it went and now as the thrust of the arrow that sent me out to conquer the world has ended, i need you brothers and sisters even more.”

  • From the monologue of the white man as spoken on the white sands of Mboro

This monologue was first spoken at the fire that marked the beginning of a five days workshop retreat with members of theatre groups from across Senegal and international participants arriving from as far as Nepal. I have felt driven to talk the name of the white man, words that have seemed to have been carried by the ocean. To which my dear brother Diol has responded with words that seemed to have came from the the depth of the earth. And than? An unforgettable burst of singing, dancing and endless energy and joy erupted, a night we will all carry in our hearts, protected and guided by the starry skies and the purity of our intentions.

Five days we have played, shared and created scenes that tell and retell our individual and collective story. Five nights we have celebrated each other, and the energy we have each received in that place and time. Together we have woven intentions for a new beginning, unity in diversity, and of renewed bonds of our one family. This journey happened in November 2015 and have led to another journey in December 2016. Time to celebrate and dream deep encounters of wills, hearts, minds and souls and bring love and respect between, all people and all nations.

To find your songline is to find your power.

To travel the songline is to connect who we are with what we are, what we do with what we love, our own well being with the well being of All. To know more about these learning journeys write to

Uri Noy Meir

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