Hilary Swank Says She Gets Mistaken For Jennifer Garner, Called A ‘B****’ When She Refuses To Sign Autographs

She has two Oscars to her name, but some people aren’t able to recognize Hilary Swank.

During an appearance on “Conan”, Swank explains she’s sometimes mistaken for Jennifer Garner.

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“How does someone who has two Oscars at home get mistaken for someone else?” asks an incredulous Conan O’Brien.

“People get angry at me because they think I’m just trying not to sign an autograph for them or take a picture,” she explains. “They’ll say, ‘Oh God, I’m such a big fan, I loved you in ‘Alias’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s not me.’”

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The “Million Dollar Baby” actress says fans will beg her, believing she says “no” because they’re invading her privacy.

“I say, ‘I’m not Jennifer,’” she says, revealing that she’s been told not to “be a b****” by pushy Garner fans who think she’s trying to avoid interaction.

“I didn’t want to give her a bad name so I took a photo and maybe someone will say someday, ‘That’s not Jennifer Garner,’” she tells O’Brien, revealing she’s spoken to the real Garner about the doppelganger confusion.

It turns out, Garner is quite familiar with the situation, having been mistaken for Swank: “I asked her, and she said, ‘Oh my God, I get that all the time too.’”

Swank – not Garner – currently stars in the FX series “Trust” opposite Donald Sutherland.

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