Steven Yeun Lines Up First Post-’Walking Dead’ Gig — As Conan O’Brien’s Stand-In

“The Walking Dead” may have lost Steven Yeun, whose character got his skull bashed in by this season’s Big Bad, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but that show’s loss is apparently Conan O’Brien’s gain.

That’s what viewers learned last night on “Conan” when Yeun dropped by to announce his new gig: serving as O’Brien’s stand-in on the late-night talk show for rehearsals (the host and sidekick Andy Richter, O’Brien explained, don’t bother about rehearsing, since they’re “flown in by helicopter seconds before the show begins”).

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Demonstrating his skills as a stand-in, Yeun (sporting an orange pompadour wig) showed us just how easy it is to be the host. “Look at me, I’m Conan!” he exclaimed. “Joke. Interview. Talking to you. Listening. Joke. Interview. Band. Cut to. It’s easy!”

Watch — and stay tuned until the end for another “Walking Dead” star making a cameo appearance.

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